ASM-1 problems

Johan Gustavsson moxie at
Fri May 29 09:42:15 CEST 1998

> Oh yes - clean the circuit board to remove *any* solder flux. When you
> think it's clean, clean it again!
> [Luke:] I've heard people stress this point before. What exactly is the
> reason for this ?

Coz otherwise it won't work, doh!   :-)

No, seriously, seems like solder flux is somewhat conductive, which
means that you'll get small leaking currnets through the flux between
points that should not be connected. That is Not Good. Granted, it's
not very big currents at all, but then again our ears are very
sensitive to very small differences in, say, pitch, so...
/Moxie (At least that's what I think)

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