SSM2038 help again :)

Russ L askeyman at
Thu May 21 15:15:27 CEST 1998

One of the main differences of the two chips is the sweep
range, the 2038's isn't as wide. You can find a lot of valuable
SSM data sheets at the following address. Paul, the sites owner,
wass selling some SSM chips a while back. I bought the three
2033s but lost out to someone on the EIGHT 2040 FILTER CHIPS!..

Russ L
askeyman at

For SSM datasheets:

Yoshiki Ohmura (Yoshi) wrote:

> OK I got Barry's Datasheet book, and after comparing the 2033 and 2038 I
> noticed that they are pretty similar.  So I basicaly based the design for
> my 2038 circuit on Berry's 2033 design from his EMC book.  However the
> inputs on the two chips are different, the 2038 has Expo + and Expo -
> where  the 2033 only has expo.  I'm not quite sure how to buffer the
> input, and where the out of the op amp should go and how it should go
> there.  If somebody who is familiar with the 2033 and has the datasheet
> for the 2038, could have a look and give me a suggestion I would be very
> happy :)
> Thanks
> Yoshi

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