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Just about everybody swears by Press-n-peel.  I'm just about to start up my own little PCB fab at home.  So if you have a laser printer and Protel's Easytrax, you're in like flint.  The web has some pretty resource good sites with instructions and personal experiences and testimonials (search on "press-n-peel").  Easytrax take some getting used to though but it's free.  

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I'm planning to do my first etching for a couple of schematics that I've
found and I think I'll buy the kit Mouser offers (524-22-312).  The kit
says that the PC boards are "pre-sensitized"???  I just don't know what any
of it means.  I was wondering if someone could describe for me the positive
method of photo sensitive etching in basic step-by step form, or point me
to some tutorial website where I can learn how to do it?  Thanks ahead of
time for all the help.  I've been on the list for about a month now and
I've learned a ton.


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