Harmonics question

Ingo Debus debus at cww.de
Wed May 20 11:08:42 CEST 1998

Christian Oncken wrote:
> I recently got ahold of an 8-bit ADC (adc0809ccn) and an 8-bit DAC
> (dac0800lcn) for this purpose.  I originally wanted to just experiment with
> the 8-bit AD/DA conversion, to see if it introduced any interesting
> distortion.  I also wanted to try reducing the resolution to see what
> happens to the sound.  Flipping specific bits in response to other bit
> combinations might also be neat.  Any other ideas?  Has anyone here
> experimented with this?

Maybe you could add a control for the conversion rate. If you are
running periodic waveforms through your A/D-D/A, the conversion rate
could be a multiple of the input frequency. The lower the canversion
rate, the more "distortion" (or however you want to call the effect) you


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