CV Sampling (was Re: Back on topic...)

Chris Stecker cstecker at
Mon May 18 22:26:55 CEST 1998

>Paul Perry wrote:
>> ...what I wanted for performance/installation purposes is a box with:
>> 1. a gate to say when to start sampling
>> 2. a memory consisting of old computer dram so it is very cheap
>> 3. a cv input that says what part of the memory to start playing back at
>> 4. a cv in that says what speed to start playing back at
>> 5. a cv that says where to stop playing back
>> 6. possibly an auto loop function, but if you have the above basics you can
>> do pretty much what you want..

One of my projects is a box to do this for CV's.  Does anyone know if any
cheapo samplers out there will accept (and hold) d.c. voltages so that they
could be converted to use as CV sequencers?


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