log-lin converter schematics?

Aaron Ross dryo at best.com
Sat May 16 20:58:23 CEST 1998

Hey synthgods,

All this tech talk about tempco resistors etc. gives me some hope. Now that
there is a source for these fabled tempcos, there's a chance that I might
be able to handle building a log-lin converter. Most of the stuff you guys
have been talking about is way over my head, but if anyone had a schematic
for a log-to-linear voltage converter, I would be grateful. And, if anyone
knows of a source (preferably on the web) where I can educate myself re:
how it works, I'd be even more grateful.

I have a PAiA Theremax which puts out PAiA-style voltages. The esteemed Mr.
Simonton has created a mod kit which will bring the gates & CVs up to 10V,
and I have ordered it. However, I don't think this mod has addressed the
voltage scaling issue.


Dr. Yo

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