ARP Sliders? Slider Caps?

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Fri May 15 03:15:09 CEST 1998

>Hi Sean,
>I have heard that this is the place to go for old ARP parts.  I don't
>know the man's name, but my notes from a  year ago has this:
>The Audio Clinic-Weyer/Smith Labs
>3461 Canyon Drive
>Billings, MT  59102
>I've no idea if this is current--never contacted them.
>Colored caps for the slider pots used to be carried by Mouser (they may
>still) but only in four colors.  Check the miniature toggle switch
>section of their catalog.
>Good luck with all this,
>Charlie Mann

The person's name you're thinking of above is Tim Weyer Smith.

While Mouser does carry some slider caps, they are not always a consistent
I've purchased some from them that were wholly unusable for use with the
Arps and also received ones that were fine.

The original Arp caps were made by Alco. Same folks that make Emu and
Polyfusion modular knobs and many other common analog synth parts. Alco
stocked all colors used in the Arp, but were considerably more expensive
than Mouser's offerings.

Alco was just recently sold to Thomas and Betts which so far, doesn't
appear to quite know which side is up with their new acquistion. I've
placed countless calls to them, as well as two dealers and we've come up
dry and reordering the caps. I couldn't even find out the area rep's name.

I have lots of new and used Arp slider caps, 2600 slider caps and some
Odyssey/Axxe slider shafts, but I don't have all colors at the moment.(I
think I'm out of green :(


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