ARP Sliders? Slider Caps?

Sean Costello costello at
Thu May 14 23:28:07 CEST 1998

Hi all,

I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times before, but here goes: 

Where can I get sliders for an ARP Axxe?  The slider in question is the
Filter cutoff slider, which is pretty broken at this point (it sounds like
it is being modulated by audio rate noise - cool, but not the effect I
seek).  The Axxe is a late '70's model, with leather sides, orange graphics,
and the 4075 filter.  I would like to repair it before I sell it off to some
punk kid using his parents' money.

(If you don't get the above joke, be thankful you don't subscribe to
Analogue Heaven.)

Also, I need 2 of the little slider caps that that era of ARP used, if
anyone has any idea where to get those.


Sean Costello

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