Modular questions

peter_cornell peterc at
Thu May 14 00:54:47 CEST 1998

Hi gang

I have 3 questions regarding the ASM-1 / Modulus VCO & the Moog 
filter on Rick Miller's site.

1. Can I use a CA 3046 instead of the SSM 2210 / LM 394? It costs 
literally 10% of the higher spec parts.

2. The PCB of the Moog filter is great except for the 
connector & component identification. Any one built this filter and 
have these handy? I've butted my head several times trying to work it 
out - very frustrating.

3. Can I use a good old multimeter for matching transistors? Is this 
good enough or should I build up the matching circuit?

Thanks for your patience from an eagerly building modular newbie!


Peter Cornell

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