Tempco Source/Analog vs Digital DIY

Magnus Danielson magnus at analogue.org
Wed May 13 20:43:38 CEST 1998

>>>>> "KJ" == Kyle Jarger <jkjelec at tiac.net> writes:

 KJ> Magnus Danielson <magnus at analogue.org>
 >> not get that chip on time... digitally oriented people think so
 >> one-dimensional sometimes ;)
 >> Digital is a special case of analog, for some classes of problems it
 >> is an important special case, but it is NOT a isolated area...
 >> Digital people doesn't understand how the power of a chip can effect
 >> it's load to it's surroundings... they don't have a clue!!!

 KJ> And:

 >> BTW. Isn't tempco's something that you Kyle use in Hz/V adapters to
 >> you MIDI stuff or do you do it pre-D/A?

 KJ> Ummm,  I hope I'm not going to have to turn in my 
 KJ> membership card to synth-DIY for saying this but,

 KJ> after looking at the pros and cons, we chose to do the Hz/V 
 KJ> digitally...<duck>   ;  )

I did ask, didn't I ?
They better try drop a brick at me before throwing one at you ;)

I can understand that choice. The tempco stuff and all doesn't help
doing it analog. So I guess that you did the right thing and added a
temperature sensor and noise/wobble cursuit to make the analog
emulation more real, right ;)


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