Sampling sounds or... (some technical content - honest!)

Jeremy Brookes jezz at
Wed May 13 15:28:29 CEST 1998

>        Now, when you're talking little techno boxes like 303's and 808's.
>Well, I tried to sample the 808 for years with little success at achieving
>true fidelity.  Not until a year ago, when Rebirth came out, did I finally 
>give up entirely.

Just to add some technical input on the sampled 808 business.

Rebirth does just use samples for the 808. The 303 is emulated, but the 808 
is made up of layered samples with software envelopes and filters.

The snare drum is made from five clean samples (at different pitches) cross 
faded by the 'tone' control. The 'snappy' control controls the level of one 
of four randomly chosen high pass filtered noise samples.

The kick drum is a sample of an 808 kick with full tone and decay. The 
decay control is a software envelope, while the tone is a low pass filter. 
The same approach is applied to the cymbal's decay and tone.

Congas and toms are just samples tuned by sample playback speed.

This approach would be very easy to model in a sampler - you just need to 
approach the sampler as an instrument instead of as a triggered box. At the 
end of the day they're both instruments...

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