Tempco Source/Analog vs Digital DIY

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Wed May 13 15:30:42 CEST 1998

At 09:24 AM 13/05/98 +0100, Fraser, Colin J wrote:

>What I'm thinking about now is a digital exponential convertor for vcos.
>Has anyone tried something along the lines of a linear input to an a-d
>convertor driving a rom with a lookup table for exponentiation, the
>output of which drives a d-a convertor, all clocked at audio rates to
>allow audio fm ?
.....not AFAIK.....
>Would this give me a temperature stable linear to exponential convertor
>without having to buy 1000 tempcos ?
....certainly would.....
but, that is a pretty big ask, running the D to A at say 40KHz (:o
you might find problems varying the rate of the D to A convertor..
it is difficult enough getting this sort of thing running and filtered at a 
fixed lookup rate..

paul perry melbourne australia

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