VCOs & Tempco

List, Christopher Chris.List at
Wed May 13 15:07:25 CEST 1998

The C-2AQ tempcos that I mentioned a couple of days ago from KRL/Bantry
are about $3.75 each for orders of only 25 pieces, and cheaper when you
buy more.
How many VCO's are you going to build? Is the cost + effort to build all
the extra analog to digital circuitry worth $37 for 10 vcos?

- CList

On Wednesday, May 13, 1998 3:15 AM, Paul Schreiber
[SMTP:synth1 at] wrote:
> Yes, you need about 18 bits for an 'all digital' exponential
converter. The DACs
> that are up in this bit range are for CD players (same as ADCs) that
> are all serial in/serial out. Also, since they are designed for
44.1Khz sample
> rates (or 32Khz or 48Khz), the 'static' nature of control voltages
will be an issue.
> I will try to get a couple 100 tempcos to stock. Need them for the
Moog filter
> module anyway (based on my MG-1 design, a 3046 expo and the tempco).
> Paul Schreiber
> Synthesis Technology

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