Tempco Resistor Source / Question. Was: Small quantity availability question

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Tue May 12 20:42:01 CEST 1998

I am thinking about stocking these for purchase. I will check out all
the leads <bad pun alert> are get back.

The 'correct' value is +3300ppm.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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ARF! (Sorry, had to bark ;)

Hmm... so they go at 60 cent... that's a nice price, but buying 1000
of them is a bit aquard unless one runs a production line (turning around
on the chair a shout'n "OK, boys get that line running!") 600 USD is a
little big investment for a normal DIY guy to spend to get the 20
restors needed within the year. There is maybe 3 solutions:

1) Find a dealer that can sell them in less quanteties without raising
   the price to the skies.

2) Find a friendly DIY mind that also runs synth repairs and similar
   buissness that can take the blow of locking up 600 USD.

3) Find a number of friendly DIY minds that can splitt the blow and
   thus the resistors among them and provide a common access to them.

Using todays technology (Internet and WWW) combined with old
technology (rumors, moth-to-moth) one should be able to have a fair
turnaround time for those 1000's since it seems that the synth-repair
and DIY builders have a trouble of getting them.

As Rick said, I could problably buy 100 of them if needed, but that is
about the limit if I don't know that I can get rid of them except for
my own personal need (or am I getting a might large modular???).

I think that a special run would make the 1000 piece deal look cheap ;)

One thing that has make me thing is what ppm/C number that is really
the right one... I have see both +3300 ppm/C and +3500 ppm/C numbers
around as well as the Q81 number (obviously the Tel Labs name for one
of their products). Maybe it is time for me to get back to my notebook
and make a little simulations to see what kind of ppm/C numbers that
an ASM-1 type of VCO would need. I am afraid that it may be somewhat
of a traditional hymn to go "and remember to use your Q81 tempco" and
not calculate further on it...


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