Sampling sounds or...

jorgen.bergfors at jorgen.bergfors at
Tue May 12 18:49:50 CEST 1998

>Well, I think here is the only place where I can ask this to somebody.

>It's something like that: People say "Don't sample the TR's! Don't sample
>the Mini Moog! Don't sample this! Don't sample that! You have to buy them if
>you want, because of the 'feeling', the internal sequencer is different..."

>Man, aren't these people a bunch of idiots? They have ears that listen to
>errors where they aren't, they have a lot of analog stuff and keep annoying
>the ones with Nord Lead and JP-8000... I think that if I sample the TR-808,
>it will have the same final sound. So does the TB, and Juno, and MiniMoog...

For short sound like drums, you can get almost the same sound with sampling. 
But remember, there are knobs for varying the sound on a 808 (for instance). So 
you would need to have a lot of samples to cover all possible settings.
Sampling an analog synth is another story. With all the modulations that are 
possible on a good synth, every single note will be different from the one 
before. This is something that you can't sample. You can multisample hard and 
soft versions etc, but if you play the same note with the same velocity, it 
will always be the same. That is not the case with a real analog synth.
Also an analog synth can generate really long ever-changing sounds. That is 
another thing you can't sample.


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