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Rich Dytch richd at
Tue May 12 15:23:10 CEST 1998

At 11:33 am 12/5/98, Lucas Medeiros Reis wrote:

>Man, aren't these people a bunch of idiots? They have ears that listen to
>errors where they aren't, they have a lot of analog stuff and keep annoying
>the ones with Nord Lead and JP-8000... I think that if I sample the TR-808,

Pretty hard to emulate the Roland accent function on a sampler....

>it will have the same final sound. So does the TB, and Juno, and MiniMoog...

but you will always be subtracting from and manipulating your little set of
samples, whereas the machines are doing it for real - there are bound to be
obvious differences. Wether this matters to you or not is another question.

And as for buying a tr808, what's the point when you can get a cracked
version of ReBirth for free? The new version's going to have a 909 on it.
Lummy.....well I 'spose you have to have a pooter first. Hey ho


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