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Mon May 11 16:19:00 CEST 1998

is KRL/Bantry components, and yes they have all sorts of tempco
resistors - though I think they have a minimum quantity of 25 pieces.
They are very nice people.
They are located in Manchester, New Hampshire (USA). I no longer have
the exact address or phone number handy, but if you look though the
synth-DIY archives, you should be able to find a post from me with all
that information (I just looked and couldn't find it just now, but I
know it's out there - you can just call directory assistance). 

If you order them, you want model# C2AQ ("conformally coated").
They have another model with higher tolerance - the 538Q, but it has too
high of an inductance to be used in the feedback loop of an op-amp, and
so is not a direct replacement for the tempcos in most of our most
popular DIY VCOs. If anyone feels comfortable using these (must be used
in the a voltage divider to the tranny pair), I have a couple I'd be
willing to sell - they are 2K, I'll sell 'em for $3 each.

- Chris


On Sunday, May 10, 1998 8:47 PM, Kyle Jarger [SMTP:jkjelec at tiac.net]
> I distinctly recall a guy from a company in New Hampshire, USA who
posted to either 
> synth DIY or analogue heaven that they made the right tempcos for 
> synths.  It was a three letter name, like KRL, or RCL or RCD or 
> something...
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