Roland MPU-101 schematics

Max Kunz massann at
Sat May 9 21:43:29 CEST 1998

Hi to all you people on this list,
I have been reading the messages for about 3 weeks, and I must say this list
appears a safe place where it is possible sharing knowledge and get helpful
suggestions without the risk of starting flames between people: I like this
'gentlemen' style.
  A brief auto-presentation:  I am an italian artist devoted to multimedial
performing arts,  I started with electronics in 1979 (my first synth was based
on a 2N2646 VCO), I have played with a lot of music machines since before the
midi revolution  and I still prefer the feeling of analog instruments.
    Recently, I purchased a 2nd-hand Roland MPU-101 (MIDI-CV interface) to
control my Korg MS20/MS50: it's a nice box with 4 cv-gate channels with
dynamics, pitchbend, modulation, aftertouch and volume signals.
  Unfortunately I miss the schematics, so I ask  if anyone knows where I can
find them.

          Hopeful greetings

          Massimo  Sanna

     Q-Indie Techno Project
    member of S.U.I.F. group
    email:   massann at

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