SSM2210 datasheets - start page of "Where to find it?"

Scott Bernardi sbernardi at
Sat May 9 17:34:25 CEST 1998

I think that it is an excellent idea. In fact, I think the synth-diy
community as a whole would benefit from a page that would be a
repository for "Where to find it" information - especially those that
are new to it, or coming back to it after a long absence (like myself).
There's a lot of schematics out there, but a good deal of them use parts
that are very hard to find right now.I'd be willing to host such a page.
We could put out a "survey" on synth-diy about sources, I could compile
the results, publish them on a page, and keep it updated as time goes
on. Of course, it would only be as good as the information fed to it.
I would start my putting together a draft for the survey, post it on
synth-diy, and get people's input on what should be on it, and how the
page should be organized.
Should I pursue this? I don't want to step on anybody's toes by jumping
in here like this, but it sounds like fun to me.

>  EaSED> Also possibly because Tel Labs is out of business, and other firms
>  EaSED> don't make that value of thermistor? (I THINK Tel is out of business....
>  EaSED> so I've heard in the past...)
> I have found some traces of Tel Labs, but not gone any further.
> However, I have found a company that does similar tempcos and
> precission resistors. I have been thinking of doing a more systematic
> search and sum it up on a webpage or a few. Would this be helpfull for
> anyone?
> I think that the same problem that we see on resistors we have for
> pot's, capacitors and it's like. No real structure to find them, for
> semiconductors it's a diffrent deal...
> Eric, do you experience the same trouble with your glas fet's? ;)
> Finding these more obscure components isn't a streamlined process at all.
> It's easy to find crap, right?
> Cheers,
> Magnus

Scott Bernardi
sbernardi at (my email account at home)
scott.bernardi at (my email account at work)

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