looking for envelope follower info

Aaron Ross dryo at best.com
Sat May 9 03:31:59 CEST 1998

There is an envelope follower in Craig Anderton's book, _Electronics
Projects for Musicians_. (I call it "Electronics for Dumb Musicians.") This
book and all of the projects in the book are available from PAiA. Kits can
be bought either as a PCB+parts or simply PCB alone.

I don't know how good these projects are specwise. Annoyingly, the book does
not say what the voltage range of the envelope follower output is. (Note:
this is not a filter nor an amplifier, just an EF.) Anyway, it looks like a
no-brainer to build, which is good for dummies like me. 

Good luck,

Dr. Yo

>I would like to build an envelope follower.  I've never built any
>musical electronics before, but I am reasonably handy with a soldering
>iron, so a schematic using (hopefully) easily available parts might be
>sufficient.  Ideally, of course, more information will be available such
>as design notes, full parts list, etc.  I didn't find anything very
>detailed on the net... does anyone have any suggestions?
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