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I want to post this message not as any sort of cheesy plea, but to simply confirm that this wonderful, intutive, uninvited, empathetic offer that was made by Paul Schreiber on behalf of my husband Charlie T (as most of you know him on the net) is real.  And following this is a forward of my reply to his offer.

It was  hatched and posted entirely without our knowledge, but I am touched beyond words (as you remember when Charlie was active, he was never at a lack for words!!!LOL).  Paul is not only a brilliant engineer, a heck of a businessman, but as you can see a fine, fine human being.  

This is not a plug from me to ask you to buy anything.  The  simple gesture made by Paul is already  the greatest gift.   I simply felt like I owed you all a message to let you know this is real.  And what a cool cat he is.

By the way, we hope that chemo can begin Monday, so any good jokes or email you have can be forwarded here and I will read them to Charlie.


Sally T.
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>Oh, Paul,
>I have so many tears, I can not even see the keyboard.  I am just
>thunderstruck.  I am constantly amazed by the wonderful gifts this awful,
>awful disease has given us.  I will never forget this gesture, and as I go
>now to wake Charlie to move him into the bedroom, I think he's gonna shed a
>few tears with me.
>With great fondness and respect and best regards,
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>Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 11:40 PM
>>I have just received word that a good friend of mine, a professional
>>player in Houston, has cancer cells that have invaded his optic nerves in
>>right eye. The only cure is very expensive chemo, and as all you gigging
>>musicians know, he just can't afford all of the costs.
>>So, I am asking for support in the following way: from now until August
>>absolutely ALL proceeds (not profits, PROCEEDS) from CEM chip sales
>>and MOTM kit sales will go towards paying his costs.
>>If any of you actually think for 1 nanosecond this is some sort of pathetic
>>sales tactic, then you don't know me (or yourself) very well.
>>Also, I will be moving around the first week of June, but (hopefully!)
>>only my mailing address changes.
>>The next MOTM kit is a combination pre-amp/envelope follower/Moog ladder
>>I will have it out in July. Estimated cost is $120.
>>Paul Schreiber
>>Synthesis Technology
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