Sorry: Again a Fatman Problem (scaling)

dean stiglitz deknow at
Thu May 7 15:50:24 CEST 1998

hi heiko,
try going through the tuning procedure again, one of the pots adjusts the width
of the octave.


Heiko Bajus wrote:

> Hi!
> I don´t know what makes me so persecuted...
> Well, listening carefully to the scaling of my Fatmans VCO I have
> the impression that it´s not well tempered. The distance between
> octaves is correct, but the notes inbetween sound slightly offtuned.
> This is the same in all octaves.
> My Questions:
> 1.: Did anybody recognize something similar?
> 2.: Is this a problem of my analog cirquit?
> 3.: If not, is something going wrong in in the digital section?
> 4.: If not, the only thing to check would be the firmware. As far as I have
>     understood the manual, there are 11 different control voltages for each
>     semitone and they are set by the firmware. But I don´t dare to pretend
> that
>     the defect is here (i don´t want to offend Paia´s musical experience).
> I would really like to have this problem fixed, because I like the Fatmans
> sound and especially the user interface :-)
> Thanks,
> Heiko

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