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Paul Perry pfperry at
Wed May 6 07:34:45 CEST 1998

At 11:33 PM 5/05/98 +0000, jkjelec wrote:

>Then I saw the 1 Hz to 20 MHz!! frequency range. Uh Oh.
>Next, as bad went to worse, I saw the 350 to 1 range.
>Alright, so I'll have a "range" rotary switch to switch in different 
>caps for different ranges. EHHHHHHT!  (classsic "wrong" buzzer  
>sound)...There's no linearity spec, that I could find, anyway.
>I guess it would be cool if at least the 1 to 20 MHz was instead 
>0.001Hz to 20 KHz, so you could have used it as a VCLFO. 
>And to top it all off, it's probably really expensive.

well, expensive enough...   :   (
but I think it is LINEAR enough for anything you want..

But, nothing wrong with the LM13600 wide range audio osc in Art of Electronics..
except, to get the range you need a fet follower to buffer the LM13600 buffer :0

paul perry melbourne australia

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