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Larry Hendry jlarryh at iquest.net
Wed May 6 04:04:53 CEST 1998

Well, I for one would first like to say how much I have enjoyed your site
Kevin.  I enjoyed just looking over a lot of the photos.  The morning light
shining on the modular has been by desktop ever since I first saw it. 

I certainly agree that this is a medium for sharing BUT sharing of one's
own work.  If someone wants to expand the sharing of someone else's work,
they should first ask the permission of the owner and then properly credit
the owner.  I certainly recognize the unselfish hard work you have put into
your site.  And, I appreciate all the help you have been to me.  Sorry to
see you have been ripped off.  Now the idea to extend the knowledge to a
Spanish speaking audience was a good one.  But the methods apparently lack
respect among other things.

My $.02
Larry Hendry

> From: Kevin Lightner <majmoog at synthfool.com>
> To: synth-diy at mailhost.bpa.nl
> You'll find pics, backgrounds, anigifs, etc... all done by others though
> with no credits given.
> He didn't even ask. (me anyways)
> Normally this "simply" irks me, but it really pisses me off when someone
> grabs everyone else's hard work, doesn't acknowledge the source(s) and
> COPYRIGHTS it all as his own.

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