The Best Analog Synthesizer Repair Book?

Paul Perry pfperry at
Wed May 6 02:45:09 CEST 1998

At 04:22 PM 5/05/98 EDT, RolandMan1 wrote:

>I'm in need of a good how to book on analog synthesizer repair suitable for
>someone with no prior experience with electronics (that would be me).  Can
>someone please recommend 1 and tell me where to find it?  
There is none.
And don't be misled and buy any Delton Horn books that sound like this.

BUT, here is SOLID GOLD:

Robert A. Pease
"Troubleshooting Analog Circuits"
EDN series for design engineers
Butterworth-Heinemann (Reed Publishing)
ISBN 0-7506-9184-0 hardback
ISBN 0-7506-9499-8 paperback

This is solid practical advice from someone who has seen it all, was there
when it started..
One of the Analog Gods..

No praise is too high for this book, and regular listmembers know what a
cynical old
bastard I am.

Even the ATTITUDE of the book helps. When I'm reduced to tears by a
recalcitrant ckt (and aren't 
we all sometimes) taking an hour off to browse in it can get mental state
right again!
There is a rumour that at some high-tech flea market in Silicon Valley he is
sometimes found
signing copies & selling them..

All about resistors, all about caps, all about everything analog, tables of
what grief you can have
with every ckt section (inverting amp with output at +rail level? that's
cool, Bob has a list of
possible causes.. and so on, and so on).

This is the only msg I have ever cross-posted I think.. it's the only one i
ever thought was worth it!

BTW you can get it from Powell's Technical books on the net.. they stock it.
It isn't rare.

Paul Perry Melbourne Australia

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