MIDI Drums made from Margarine Tubs

Martin Fay mfay at fs2.cp.umist.ac.uk
Tue May 5 16:38:18 CEST 1998

> I've built a MIDI drum set out of a bunch of margarine tubs

I've just been lent a set of Simmons pads by a friend, and if I get 
too attached to them I just might have a go at this...thanks for the 
> OK, I admit, I didn't build the trigger-to-MIDI box, I went out and
> bought an Alesis DM-5. Some things are just worth paying money for
> and skipping over the design and building process (at least for me
> at the moment). The DM-5 has 12 analog trigger inputs, MIDI output,
> and a bunch of pretty useable sounds built in as well. So the DIY
> portion of this post is in regards to the trigger pads.

I've just bought a DM-5 and from what I can tell stocks are running 
right down at the final blow-out discount (in the uk 269 pounds vs. 
an rrp of 499 I think). With the Simmons pads they worked perfectly 
with the defaults with only the very occasional mistrigger of one 
pad. Sending over MIDI the SDS-1000m brain that was with the pads was 
multi-triggering all the time: unuseably so.

The replacement for the DM-5 the DM-Pro will list at 799 pounds, 
which will make the street price over double at first, and as a 
trigger module it only has the advantage of 4 more inputs.

As an aside can anyone confirm that the SDS-1000m is a digital 


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