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I recieved Barry Klein's book last week.
It is true that about half of the circuits use special ICs that may no longer 
be available. But there also are circuits using standard components. The only 
serious omission is that there is no Moog style transistor ladder filter. It 
isn't even mentioned in the text.
The real value for a beginner isn't the schematics though. It's the explanation 
of the theory behind the different building blocks (VCO, VCA, VCF etc). For 
that reason the book is excellent reading for anyone who want to understand 
analog synth technology. If you are new to analog synths and eventually want to 
build your own, I think the book is the best place to start.


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>>  I don't know if this is the right list to write to but if it isbn't
>>please point me in the right direction, I am a complete beginner at this
>>synth building stuff, and I would like some project schematics which are
>>quite simple but could help me to understand and get a beginning on the
....well there is plenty of ckts to be found via the links at

Anything you put together with a soldering iron (except non-electronic
jewellery) is good experience. But i don't know any current books,
except the reprint of Barry Klein's book, but many of the ckts there use parts
no longer available. (to find BKs book search "barry klein synthesiser")

paul perry melbourne australia

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