Looking for State Variable schematics

Five rmiller at pangea.ca
Mon May 4 15:40:03 CEST 1998

I've just been on a bit of a search for the above mentioned, and did find one at the Synth DIY homepage that I'm going to give a shot.  :)
I've been looking for one though, that's based on the SSM2040 chip, as I've got a few of those that I'd like to use in something other than the 4 pole LPF function.
Ultimately, I'd like to build a pair of SV filters around the SSM2040, that I could switch between LPF/HPF/BPF/Notch selections on each of the two of them, for some more interesting filter usage.  :)  If anyone could point out a source for an SSM2040 based SV VCF schematic, that'd be rather swell as it'd give Bert & Ernie new ways to make odd sounds. :))

Thanks for any suggestions. :)

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