Total Beginner

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Mon May 4 04:33:55 CEST 1998

>>>>> "LMR" == Lucas Medeiros Reis <lucas.reis at> writes:

 LMR> At 23:04 03/05/98 +0100, you wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> I don't know if this is the right list to write to but if it isbn't
 >> please point me in the right direction, I am a complete beginner at this
 >> synth building stuff, and I would like some project schematics which are
 >> quite simple but could help me to understand and get a beginning on the
 >> topic... Does anyone have any or know of any good books on the subject
 >> from a beginners point of view?

 LMR> Man, I think this is your list. People are here to learn, not to say that
 LMR> they know all. By the way, I'm some sort of "curious", I'm not here to build
 LMR> any synth (well, i'm on high-school...), but to learn some things.

 LMR> I hope everybody agree with me, or maybe I'll have to change my list to...

Well, over the few years that I have followed this list I must say
that I have allways found a nice and friendly atmosphere here
regardless of the level of skills someone has.

I learn stuff here and so I think some of the heavy dude's (Kevin,
Juergen, Gene, Paul and others) also do.

I even cant remember that there been any fight such as I have seen on
many other lists. Quite and nice place basically.


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