Questions about Vocoders - references

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Fri May 1 21:40:17 CEST 1998

>>2. How would you go about tracking down an old JAES article? I went to the
>>AES sight and did a search on "vocoder" and got three references, but I
>>couldn't tell if I had or hit or not.
>......the one you want is:
>Roger M. Golden "Vocoder Filter Design: Practical Considerations"
>Journal of the Acousical Society of America vol 43 #4 1968 p803-810

I went to the J.A.S.A. website. Did you know they want to charge NINETY
DOLLARS for an article reprint? The J.A.E.S. reprints were reasonable - $5.
I also went to the IEEE site, and it looks like you've got to be an IEEE
member to get back issues.

Has anyone built the Tellus VoC24? The .wav files he has on his site at sound pretty good.

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