Vocoder Design Questions, thanks for input

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Fri May 1 05:22:16 CEST 1998

At 09:39 AM 30/04/98 -0700, Scott Bernardi  wrote:

>2. How would you go about tracking down an old JAES article? I went to the
>AES sight and did a search on "vocoder" and got three references, but I
>couldn't tell if I had or hit or not.
......the one you want is:
Roger M. Golden "Vocoder Filter Design: Practical Considerations"
Journal of the Acousical Society of America vol 43 #4 1968 p803-810

also, Analysis of Filter Bank Transfer Functions
L.Milic, U.Camsek, A.Jocic
IEEE Proc vol 134 Part G #1, Feb 1987

>Another solution that was patented by Harald Bode in the 70's, is to just
>mix the high frequency band of the excitation source to the output
>amplifier. It's a lot simpler (a trimpot and a couple resistors) than
>building voiced/unvoiced detectors, and is supposed to (according to the
>article) increase intelligability immensely.

...curiously enough, adding  ALL the excitation source to the output increases
 the intelligability even more immensely :)
my own suggestion is to provide lyric sheets to the audience.

paul perry melbourne australia

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