TB Sequencer Replication by Software (was another @#!! TB t hread)

cyborg0 at GlobalEyes.net cyborg0 at GlobalEyes.net
Fri May 1 01:17:05 CEST 1998

List, Christopher wrote:
> On Thursday, April 30, 1998 5:18 AM, Fraser, Colin J
> [SMTP:Colin.Fraser at scottishpower.plc.uk] wrote:
> > The slide on the 303 is enabled at the start of the note that is to be
> > slid to.
> > There is no 'premonition'.
> > I confirmed this using an oscilloscope.
> > The exponential curve of the slide may explain why some people 'hear'
> > the 'pre-slide' effect.

Well, looking at the circuit, i can honestly say that what you hear is
probably 2 things occuring in the tb.

1. The 4174 being clocked by the slide enable might cause a voltage
fluctuation in the CV, thereby giving you a little bend in the current
note being played.

2. The transistors at the bottom of the opamp. When they start to
conduct, there may be a fluctuation in the CV. Minute leakage into the
opamp may change the CV. Either that, or it may be the charging of the
cap between the 2 bilateral switches. This is prolly youre best bet, as,
for a split second, the cap is an open until its charged. I can neither
confirm nor deny this, though! :))



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