Mini1 morphing to UMaxx 1OO

tomg tomg at
Tue Jul 21 01:10:21 CEST 1998

I went out looking for a couple of 3 space rack panels to do a pair of
Mini1cv's on and got a great deal on a 6 space. The more I look at that 6
space the more I see something very different. I think maybe the Mini1cv
chances are slim. Take a look at this and see if I missed anything. Be gentle
with me it's my fist time to ask for comments before I design something.  

1 cv interface glide/pb/attn
2 3374 VCOs
1 single VCO-2A type w/cv
2 LFOs LFO-1A type w/cv
1 S&H noise LFO-2A type with internal 555 clock
2 TGs w/cyle and cv
2 EGs w/cv
2 Ring Mods 
3 CV or Audio mixers
1 Moog type VCF w/FM
1 3372 VCF w/FM
1 Dual VCA w/pan


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