PC Hardware prob. *SOLVED*

Bill Layer b.layer at vikingelectronics.com
Thu Jul 30 15:43:20 CEST 1998

Hi, and thanks to everyone who lent assistance.

The IBM hardware dilemma is solved, and my machine is now running on 48+MB

An insightful reply from Steve Crippen lead me to the Deja News IBM PS/2
hardware group, where I was able to contact an extremely helpful German
fellow named Peter Wendt. 

Peter gave me the missing information (make that esoterica) in the form of
an email with attached jpeg. Two (tiny!) solder joints later... success was

If anyone who lent assistance would like to examine the answer I received,
for their own information, send me an email requesting 'PC hardware
solution' and I'll forward a copy of Peter's info.

Thanks again everyone.

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