Finished at last....

Tony Allgood oakley at
Sun Jul 26 23:45:24 CEST 1998

Well, I have finally come to the end. My analogue monosynth is now finished.
Because it is switch linked and is not modular, I can no longer add anymore
stuff to it. I realised that this must be the end when I had to resort to
heat glue to fix my last addition inside it. There was no more space for new
boards to be placed. The front panel is stuffed to capacity with switches
and pots. I remember I once thought that modular synths were too big and too
unweildy to be usable, all that patch cording... so I built a switched
linked one... but now I hanker for a new design, one that I can add to when
time and funds allow. So my next project(and next) will be a modular this,
that and the other. And I have this list to thank for this new found

All the best,

Tony Allgood.

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