psu question

Kristjan Varnik kav200 at omicron.ACF.NYU.EDU
Sun Jul 26 22:56:33 CEST 1998


I read in a magazine about a simple 10 step sequencer
based around the 4017 decade counter, and I have
a fatman running on a 12v wall wart that is 1000mA.
The fatman needs at least 400 mA.

I was wondering if I could run some wires into that wall-wart to
run other 12v modules at the same time off that power supply? 

secondly is the 4017 a good chip to build a sequencer around,
or is there something that is alittle better, but not much more
difficult. The archives mentioned 40193, but that seemed to be
over my head.

Any suggestions or books/sites that can help would be appreciated.


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