DIY Grab-bag for sale

Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Sat Jul 25 01:06:12 CEST 1998

Just about to finish undigging from the move to the new lab. In
the process, I have a big box full of random parts, cables, bits,
pieces, etc. No SSM/CEM, 726s or Buchla modules, but plenty
of DIY stuff. Some data books! Most parts are new, never used.
Old, but never used (some left over from Tandy MG-1 days).

Send private bid: sorry, US shipping only (customs would puke
if they ever opened this!). Min bid is $25 to cover postage/handling.

Bids end Monday AM when I ship it out. Wife's orders.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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