SH-1000 LFO

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Fri Jul 24 22:19:48 CEST 1998

>>>>> "PP" == Paul Perry <pfperry at> writes:

 >>> The LFO on the SH-1000 is built with three normal transistors, one FET
 >>> and one weird thingie which looks like a tranny, but has the symbol of
 >>> a diode with three legs (?) 
 PP> my guess is a unijunction transistor (UJT) widely used at this period
 PP> for oscillators (eg in the notorious 'Stylophone')

It ougth to be a SCR, a PNPN junction which you can start with the
extra leg and turn off by reversing the voltage over it. You can get
one by taking a CMOS chip, use the Vss and Vcc as the diod legs and a
input as the extra leg.

Have fun!


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