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Eric Barbour ebarbour at svetlana.com
Fri Jul 24 19:35:34 CEST 1998

>Neat, but how are the outputs controlled? A typical MIDI kbd has 4 octaves,
>so counting black keys, this certainly presents more than 32 possibilities.
>Just what does the JW unit support?

You tell Mr. Wale which MIDI key-down code you want for the first
relay output (60=middle c). He programs it into the PIC processor.
The 32 outputs are then sequential up from
that keycode............each goes low when you press
the corresponding key. No support for pitch bend or suchlike,
since old organs don't do that....two or more units can be chained
together so you can get more than 32 outputs. The chained
units obviously have to be programmed for the keycodes you want
them to respond to.

>If the 'tuning' box were to have a pitch wheel on it, that would work, I
>beleive. What you think?

It would be easy to make up an external analog-control pitchbend
wheel or lever. For that matter, does anyone know of an OFF-THE-SHELF
separate pitchbend control with springloading to return it to center?

Eric Barbour
Svetlana Electron Devices
Portola Valley CA USA

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