Revised www site & LM1036 Audio Processor Module

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Thu Jul 23 20:23:42 CEST 1998

Hi all -

I've just completed the first pass of my new and improved www site -
"Synth-Builder's Online Resource".
"Oh no, not another one!" moans the crowd! Yes, another one. What we
say, the internet has provided for a golden renaissance of home brew
synthesis devices and we all want to share the love :). Soon to be
posted will be all of my vectorboard layouts and faceplates designs as
well as some more complete module descriptions. You'll also find many of
your own pages listed in the links section (let me know who I've

Anyway, there's not too much new or different here, but in the Circuits
section, you will find full description / schems / faceplate, etc., for
my new "LM1036 Audio Processor" module. From the introduction;

"National Semiconductor's LM1036 was designed for use as a volume, pan,
and tone control chip for consumer electronics. It's a nice little chip
that seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the synth building
community. The fact that all inputs and outputs use voltages rather than
currents makes it very simple to use, and the fact that it attenuates
normal level input signals rather than amplifying tiny ones helps keep
noise to a minimum. The chip can be use to pan a single input to two
outputs or to x-fade
two inputs signals to a single output."

(thanks go to Batz for recommending this fine little chip to me)

Check it all out here;

- CList

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