SH-1000 LFO

Bill Layer b.layer at
Tue Jul 21 16:07:25 CEST 1998

>The LFO on the SH-1000 is built with three normal transistors, one FET
>and one weird thingie which looks like a tranny, but has the symbol of
>a diode with three legs (?) 

I'm assuming that by 'tranny' you mean transistor. Being a tube guy, I tend
to use that term for transformer. (Come to think of it, car guys would have
asked automatic or manual ovedrive?, I guess...)

My guess is that your mutant 3-leg diode part is an SCR or Thyristor as
they are known, probably used as the relaxation element in the oscillator
(it is a saw osc. right?). The SCR is an off-on device, which cannot be
reset from it's on mode by control voltage; the current loop must be broken
by other means.

Did I make any sense? Hope it  helped.

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