tube VCF article

Ken Stone sasami at
Thu Jul 23 00:11:44 CEST 1998

>Eric Barbour wrote:
>My tube VCF circuit article has finally been posted:
>If anyone decides to try building it, please let us all know.

Mine's well on the way. PSU is finished, and the signal section of the
filter is nearly complete. I should be able to power this part up some time
this weekend. I'll put photos up when I've finished it.

The PSU was a challenge, built using only parts to hand. The 6.3V is
provided by an 8V torriod transformer, rectified, smoothed and dropped to
the correct voltage through a string of eight 11-amp power diodes. The HT
transformer is a 240 to 115V stepdown transformer designed for running US
appliances in Australia.


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