AW: Midi Hammond

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Wed Jul 22 12:30:54 CEST 1998

	>The individual harmonics are
	>not progressive as the note is pressed; they all contact at roughly
the same

Hmm, I don't own a Hammond, but I used to own a Farfisa, which also
had a lot of separate contacts under each key. And at least here,
with this VIP 345, it made a great difference how fast you played
the keys. Depressing a key slowly, one could clearly hear the harmonics
come in one by one. While this is not exactly your standard playing
style, it still demonstrates that you *can* phrase individual notes
differently. Velocity sensitive keyboard, though the velocity is hard
wired to a single and very special parameter ...
One might be able to emulate this with midi to a certain degree. But
besides the enormous amount of electronics required, keep in mind
that usual Velocity sensing only determines the time window between
two positions of a key, and *how* the key is moved between these
points. A linear approximation should give a good approximation,
I guess.


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