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Andrew Schrock aschrock at
Mon Jul 20 22:12:42 CEST 1998

It is with much sorrow that I admit defeat in trying to restore my
matrix-1000. As much as I love it, the bloody thing frankly isn't worth my
while to ship out and try to repair. (I have a working matrix-6r) I'd
rather save my pennies for a kawai k5000r. 

However, I would be interested to hear peoples reactions to the idea of
taking the digital section of the 1000 out of the loop, but keep the
other parts (CEM chips et. all). I would want to either keep the 1000 in
its current case and add a breakout box for knobs, or add patch 
points/knobs to the top of the current case. (I would have to take off the
rack ears, add rubber feet and have a sort of flat desktop unit) Either
solution would keep the 6 3396's, but kill the digital/midi section. 

Of course the problem with this is that the 3396 is controlled digitally..
right?  I assume I'd have to do some AtoD conversion? Any comments? Too
much of a pain? If I can't hack it up it's probably going on the auction
block or the trash. I don't have room for excess junk at this point. 


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