MIDI over long cable runs

Dearnley, Luke Luke at unsw.edu.au
Mon Jul 20 07:47:35 CEST 1998

> And what if we modify the midi signal comming from the controler and
> make it balanced?... this sounds interesting, balanced midi. and of
> course we should modify the signal before the module's midi in.
> (could a couple of transformers work here?)
	[Luke]  You would not be able to use a normal DI box (or
similar) here because of MIDI's bandwidth.
	Therefore you would need to make custom boxes for each end. I
suggest it would be easier to build MIDI repeater boxes that other
people have outlined. They would really only need to be a midi in backed
straight onto a midi thru. That starts you measuring length from zero
again.... The trick is to pick opto-couplers with high slew rates. The
only possible problem would be a slight delay if you use too many of
these repeaters in a row. But by far the easiest idea, as Arturo
mentions, is to place the sound module nearer the MIDI controller and
run LONG audio leads. 
	Interesting question though.
	:L uke, out.

	Sub Bass Snarl Sound System

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