How the heck does the MS-50 filter WORK?

Sean Costello costello at
Sun Jul 19 19:22:43 CEST 1998

<<>> wrote:

> There was nice explanation of this by Juergen Haible and Martin Czech
> last year,so here's paste of their mails (if only newer archives exist)
> to save time :

[excellent info deleted]

Thanks!  It is starting to make sense now.  Question:  What were the
dates of these two emails?  Martin referred to an earlier post of his on
diode ladders, which I would love to see.  If I had a date, I could
download the whole month's mail and search through it.  (If only
Synth-DIY had up-to-date archives!)

Once again, thank you.  I'm constantly amazed at how helpful everyone on
this list is.

Sean Costello

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