Serge Waveshaper schemos on Music Machines

Jim Johnson jamos at
Sun Jul 19 01:10:59 CEST 1998

Don't want to offend anyone, but this actually looks like a pretty poor
excuse for a waveshaper. All it does is derive an in-phase square wave and
mix it in, correct? Not hard to do on any synth with two waveforms and a

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On 7/18/98, at 3:52 PM, marjan wrote: 

>Scott Gravenhorst wrote:
>> This looks like a candidate for a VC WaveShaper.  Replace pot P1 with
>> an OTA.  I really wish this weren't a jpg.  I can't make out the value
>> of R1.  I tried all kinds of sharpening with PhotoShop, but this one
>> resistor is ??  It appears to be ?K ohms where ? is a single digit.
>> 5? 2?  No associated parts list...  Shouldn't be too hard to either
>> figure the correct value out or determine experimentally.

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