Dual transient generator

<<marjan>> urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Sat Jul 18 13:39:54 CEST 1998

> While I'm at it take a look at the Surge inspired "Dual Trainsient Generator".
> I'm sure Surege didn't do this module this way either, and even though it may
> be low rent by some peoples standards, this also works...:-)
> Maxx Dual Transient Generator DTG-1A
> http://www.tomg.vivid.net/maxx/page_030.html

Looking at this DTG and some later moog designs (rogue,micro,prodigy...)
I got some ideas to add more options to this circuit,but don't know if
they are any good :

(just for one section of dtg)

cycle switch stays between opamp out and trigger in (6) but treshold (2)
is disconnected and added switch to select (2) connected as before (to
amp out) or (2) direct do gnd (sustain off/on)

disconnect "fall" diode from pin (5) and connect it to discharge pin (1)

put switch in parallel to fall diode (modified in previous step) so it
switch normal/diode shorted mode - don't know what it does but it
affects eg shape in moog

add diode to summing point of 1M pots (anode) then 1k res in series and
then switch with two positions : one with nothing connected so R and D 
don't affect circuit (release on) , and second position connected to 
reset pin (4) (release off ,after attack goes to 0 fast)
(maybe not to (4) but (8) ? )

well,also,in original there's 100R resistor between 10u cap and summing
point of 1M pots and (12) is connected to + input of ompamp rather than
to it's output

is this making any sense ?


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