motorised pots and other controls

Ian Fritz ijfritz at
Sat Jul 18 04:53:03 CEST 1998

I have some info on capacitance switches on my web site. They're used in
my wind controller. The design is similar to that in the CMOS Cookbook
and much simpler than the Simonton design. I also have a capacitive
"pressure plate" circuit, which puts out a voltage that increases with
increasing finger pressure. I can't remember where I got the circuit
idea from. It has an rf oscillator followed by a R-C-R tee, with the C
being the sensor plate. This network is followed by a biased rectifier
built around a 3900 Norton amp. Does anyone by chance remember seeing
this before?

There's a good article on capacitive sensors in the Jan. "Electronic
Design". Highly recommended for experimental ideas.

  Ian Fritz

PapaJ59871 at wrote:
> In a message dated 98-07-16 20:07:06 EDT, sidlar at writes:
> << Has anyone here worked on capacitance sensors?  I'm trying to figure out
>  how those star-trek like panels worked :) Inductance, maybe? hmm... >>
> There's some stuff on the capacitive touch switches at
> .
> -John

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