Serge Waveshaper schemos on Music Machines

tomg tomg at
Sat Jul 18 01:56:55 CEST 1998

Why didn't you build it? and Whats the scoop on the real BLOG?


On 17-Jul-98, R.Fahl wrote:
>Ha ha ha!!!

>That's funny.  I thought about making a BLOG that way.  I know for a fact
>that that is not how Serge did it.  A friend of mine has one and it's all
>CMOS.  It's a newer module.  I think only the first series (pre '79) used

>>The amplifiers of the 39OO can be overdriven and used in low
>>speed digital applications at more than +5V to supply more current than
>>standard digital gates. Two inverters ,AND ,OR and XOR gates built around
>>LM39OOs. May be combined to form NAND, NOR ect...

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